Oct 29

Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to my new website!

A sincere thank you for visiting my new website. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you, and I hope you find the content interesting.

I have long wanted to write my own blog, but my busy role between 2002 and 2010 at the helm of one the largest and fastest growing telecom groups left me with little spare bandwidth or time. And when I left Zain, among many other commitments that I couldn’t sidetrack, I was engrossed in writing my book,  A Passion For Adventure, which was published earlier this year by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing (I am still reviewing the Arabic version, which should be available in early 2013).

With the launch of my personal website, the friends who generously put it together have insisted that I write a regular blog.  As I’m currently lecturing at various academic and business organizations on Leadership and Change Management, I decided to write about the continuum in management between “hard” and “soft”. The blog, ‘The Perils Of Ignoring The Softer Side Of Management’ – which was kindly republished by the US based Fast Company, a leading online and print magazine on business and technology – focuses on the soft, non-linear side of management that, if wholehearted implemented as part of a company’s business philosophy, will definitely lead to exponential growth.

I hope you enjoy the blog. Time allowing, I hope to write regularly on various topics that interest me and that will hopefully excite or motivate you.  Occasionally I hope to make you laugh and sometimes cry.  If I can do both, then I’ve succeeded in this new world of blogging.

In the meantime, I look forward to receiving constructive or critical comments, as well as feedback with your thoughts and ideas on how I can improve this website and my blogging!

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