February 23

A heartfelt email conversation I had with a former colleague

I very much enjoyed and was heartened by this email conversation I recently had with a former colleague who previously worked in Zain Jordan’s mobile operation, who made a detailed comment on my biography. Accordingly I wanted to share this with my website visitors. (his name is withheld for privacy purposes) Subject: RE: Your book.

February 23

Article in Leadership Excellence Magazine

I had the honor to be asked to contribute to Leadership Excellence magazine which covers areas on leadership development, managerial effectiveness and organizational productivity. Please download the LeaderShip Excellence February 2013 issue and read my article on page 21. In this issue you can also read and benefit from 17 other articles contributed by many renowned management identities.

October 30

The Perils Of Ignoring The Softer Side Of Management

As published on Fast Company BY SAAD AL BARRAK | OCTOBER 30, 2012 An overemphasis on the “hard” side of management, a carryover from the industrial age, can at best achieve a linear increase in performance. But a focus on the soft, non-linear side can lead to exponential growth. There is a continuum in management.

October 29

Welcome to my new website!

A sincere thank you for visiting my new website. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you, and I hope you find the content interesting. I have long wanted to write my own blog, but my busy role between 2002 and 2010 at the helm of one the largest and fastest growing telecom groups left.